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LostHawaiianGirl`s Argument
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I've lived in Italy since September and since I've moved here I have been trying to learn Italian. My fiancé is super pushy in a negative way, while his family encourages him not to speak any English to me. He curses at me and uses our wedding as leverage. If you don't learn Italian fast I won't marry you. When we were long distance he learned English for me, but he had over a year to practice and I spent hours on the phone helping me. The best help I get is his frustration for having to translate for me or bothering him when he's playing on his phone to ask for help. It's really starting to tear me down and I feel stupid and constantly on the outside of his world. He doesn't want me to meet his friends, because he doesn't want to translate or have me complain about sitting alone in the corner all night. His behavior just puts me off and I don't even want to try to learn anymore.

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Time started: 447 days 12 hours 44 min.
Tags: Foreigner, Verbal abuse, language barrier
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