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Bad husband?

Juliecando Sedona2015: I'm trying to be a good husband but I am coming accross as an inconsiderate jerk. She feels like I don't put her first and that she isn't important.

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December 28, 2016 07:20
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Juliecando`s Argument
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My " my best friend" has always been spoiled but as a kid I would show her how great her life was compared to mine which was a very tough childhood. She had everything and didn't seem happy. Obsessive about her looks, manipulating to get from people what she wanted, making anyone miserable for having any expectations for her, then driving you crazy until you lowered expectations or gave up completely. Still I always saw the best in her and focused on her good points, but when things got too much I would have to take a break over the years. She's gotten me fired from jobs, made an ass out of herself and embarrassed me a million times and I actually kicked her out of my wedding because of her drinking problem. She turned things around and got married and I cheered her along. She has never had to work, her husband does very well, and expects nothing from her. She complains and talk bad and gossips about everything to make herself loook better and it drives me nuts. I found out she bad mouthed me to her husband. She complains about him but then I stick it to her back because I get fed up with her complaining when she has so many blessings and I have too many bills and responsibilities to count. He now made a comment to me that I'm a mean person... I was broken. I think she's mean! I try so hard to be good and do right by everyone and I've never gotten ahead in life but I'm grateful and happy, she has so much and acts entitled. I've caught her in several lies about her husbands family recently which pisses me off because they are such nice people! she acts like minor greviences are major things and tried to make them look bad! I would never talk about my inlaws like that, and they aren't even that nice. Part of me says let go, but I beat myself because In my heart I wish I had her opportunities and comfort, I could do so much with them, and she wastes it. I don't know how to overcome this contempt.

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