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Unjustlyjudged`s Argument
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I have proven that I'm clean from drugs. My daughter found me 4 years ago on social media, we talked for a few months then when my step kids that praised me daily saying I was more a mom to them than their bio mom. Their dad moved away with me 200 miles away. They are married, in their 20's and one has kids. They claim I stole their father from them. He wanted to leave it was his idea. So they emailed my 14 year very confused daughter a wide array of lies, and 100 % untrue messages. My kid forgave me before that. I warned her there were going to be events from my past that eventually would come up, I also never told her 1 lie the entire time we were corresponding, I told her facts dcf told me not to tell her, but she asked I'm not going to lie to her she deserves to know everything she needs and wants to know. She says mean, hateful, hurtful things about me all the time. She hates me. 1 of my stepdaughters showed me what she wrote to my daughter and my daughters response, then she showed me the emails her evil sister sent my kid not one word of what she said was true. I was told by dcf that my kid chooses to have nothing to do with me now, when right before the step kids filling her head with bs we were fighting together to have a supervised reunification visit and we were going to get it. My daughter won't listen to me, I think everyone deserves a chance because there is 2 sides to every story.

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Case was closed on February 01, 2017 16:20
Tags: Step kids, daughter, bs, lies, reunification, dcf, mom
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