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Mom vs. Me
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

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February 05, 2018 18:56
Tigs88`s Argument

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Lets just say my dad has been out with some horrible women.

Its all been about money and what they can gain from him.

Im not saying that she doesn't love my dad.

When my dad said he didnt like her doing something (which he never tried to stop her from doing) she had a huge temper tantrum and left saying my dad does nothing for her, when infact he actually does a huge amount of things for her.

I defended my dad and did to her what she has done to him, and she didnt like it. Im a great believer in give them a taste of their own medicine so they know how it feel. She had a temper tantrum.

After a few days her sister looked on my facebook and said there are posts about her on their which wasnt true, they were for a friend whos ex just got let off by the justice system.

I explained, if her sister had asked what the post were about instead of assuming then she would have known what the meaning behind the post was about.

I then started getting text messages from my dads wife saying to pack my stuff and get out of the house, how they are newly weds, how I have treated her badly.

, I politely explained, they are not newlyweds because they have surpassed the newly weds mark, that what she has to say does not matter to me nor can she tell me what to do because she is not my mother or in fact my step mum as I have never introduced her as my step mum.

She also said my dad agreed to pay a deposit for me and a months rent for accommodation because she will not live with me anymore.

I spoke to my dad about this and he went ballistic because non of it was true and told his wife that she does not speak to his children like she did and that her sister is a shit stirrer and a know liar.

I have gone about my business as usual, haven't spoken to her.

It seems she is trying to divide and conqour because I told her some truths about her self.

Shes still having a temper tantrum now but I think i proved my point because she doesnt like how it feels.

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Tigs88   318 days 17 hours 36 min. ago
She has now said what she wrote was saying how she appreciated what my dad does for her but the wording was "All you do for me is".

That is not appreciation.

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