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JBroken`s Argument

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I've been supporting her family's transition from poverty to almost middle class for over 5 years now. It's been tough getting her away from all those beggars in the squatter that she was living in. With my financial support, her father has now been able to afford a rent-to-own apartment in a much better area of the Philippines. This apartment has 2 very small bedrooms, and a living room/kitchen. Me and my fiance sleep in 1 room while her Mother, brother, and 2 younger sisters sleep in the other room. When her father is home on the weekends, he usually squeezes in there with them, but sometimes takes the living room, well deserved for living 5 days out of the week on the job. As you can see, the apartment is fairly crowded as it is.
Well, she has another older sister. This sister has government issued smaller apartment, but stayed with family of her baby's father. Now that this older sister is pregnant again, she wants all of the luxury of not having a baby, by passing the responsibility to the people in my fiances house.
Currently she is squatting in our living room, blankets all over the floor, blocking the walkway to the bathroom. For 2 nights, I have been holding my piss in so as not to disturb the sleepers, but now she wants this for an indefinite amount of time.
To wrap it all up, her parents will, of course, side with their oldest daughter(and first 1 year old grand daughter), but I've now told my fiance we are breaking up over this. The apartment is not big enough for 10 people to live in, so as far as I see it, it is Me vs. her Sister.
I'm not kicking her sister "out onto the streets", she has been living with the baby fathers family, and they have a house, but if they want them here, I'm not supporting them anymore. I hate to break up with my fiance of 5 years, but she is married to her older sister and family who have been taking way too much from us.

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