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Kalnise`s Argument
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Friend C and G, by mistake, post private messages into the group chat. Friend J tells them to 'SHUT UP', as he got annoyed with the notification sound. Friend C and G deleted the messages and said sorry for the mistake.

Friend L gets involved and starts insulting Friend J. Blowing the whole situation out of proportion.

J reads L's messages and snaps and gets involved again. Friend A tries to diffuse the situation, but they all ignore her.

This was my response to the messages.

First of all, I made A an Assistant for a reason. For all intents and purposes, if I am not here, and A is, A is me. Meaning you need to listen to her if she tells you to stop and calm down.

Second. C and G should have looked at Discord before sending messages. Group servers look nothing like PM's. They should have looked and realized that this was the group server before sending messages. And J probably should have muted Discord or turned off notifications.

Third. L should not have gotten involved at all. This was between C, G and J. I get that G is L's best friend. But G doesn't need L protecting her all the time. G is a big girl. She can protect herself. What would happen, if L always protected G and G got into a situation where she needed to protect herself, and couldn't because L always protected her for her? Also, this situation had no need of anyone protecting anyone. L just blew the whole thing out of proportion.

Also, I see nothing wrong with J yelling 'SHUT UP'. Yes, he could have asked nicely. But that didn't happen. It wasn't like he said 'Shut up you motherfucking assholes." He just said shut up. If L didn't involve herself, and you all listened to A, I wouldn't have to say any of this at all to you all. A tried her hardest to get you all to stop. But none of you listened. You should have stopped teh second you saw her use capital letters, and curses. You know that it takes alot to get her pissed.

Ran out of characters, will continue in a comment.

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Kalnise   309 days 2 hours 8 min. ago
Since Friend L left the group, I private messaged her this:
[11:14 AM] Me: So, I read everything that happened. You shouldn't have inserted yourself into the situation. I understand that G is your best friend, and you want to protect her, but there was nothing that she needed to be protected from. G is a big girl, she can take care of herself. And all J said was for them to 'shut up'. Nothing hostile about that. And he did 'walk away' after he said it. But then you came in, and he saw your message, and he snapped. You don't try to diffuse a situation by saying 'Fuck off' to anyone. That only makes the situation worse.
[11:15 AM] Me: And you shouldn't have ignored A. You owe A, G, C, and J and apology.
[12:21 PM] L: For starters I was not in the wrong, J over reacted to the situation as always. And secondly, if he wasn't such an ass to everyone around him, maybe I wouldn't have had to come into the conversation. Thirdly, it's an open group, what happens there is open for all discussion, if he didn't want my two cents then he shouldn't have said anything in the main chat. Fourthly, I did apologies to A and we talked about it, I do not need to apologies to C or G because I was defending them. And lastly, I'm not apologizeing to him and I will not be coming back to the chat, I've put up with him for too long as it is, I'm cutting off all communication I have with him so stay out of it and stop messaging me.

They always gang up on J. And I don't like it. For my piece of mind, who do you think is in the wrong?

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