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Sugarsnap`s Argument
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I am a part-time hostess and rarely haven't requested a sick day in the year I've been here. I have only once had to attend to my Mother because she needed to be taken to the hospital, so I had to call-in. Since I'm part-time, I do not have a specific amount of days allowed for "sick days." Because my sickness fell on a Saturday, I did what a responsible employee could do under the circumstance-I reached out to co-workers to see if they were able to cover my shift. No one could cover my shift, so the following morning I called my manager and let her know I did all I could to have the shift covered. Instead of a professional demeanor, she responded with "It is one hour before your shift. You should have called me the night before." - But I had called to have my shift covered! Just because no one could cover it wasn't my fault! She unrightfully blamed me for being "irresponsible" by not calling HER the night before. Whether it is ME or HER-my co-workers situations and answers would have been the same. They wouldn't have been able to cover the shift. Plus, I had been taking meds, and wanted to be sure I absolutely NEEDED to call out before I actually had to-because if I had been feeling better, I was going in to work. Am I right for taking responsible action to cover my shift and calling her the morning I had to work to let her know I couldn't come in OR is she right for blaming me about not calling the night before?!

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