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Hmnic`s Argument
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I don't like the fact that my husband wants to be free to hang out with his ex-girlfiend who is now married. She is having all sorts of trouble in her marriage and desperately needs a friend. My husband is sympathetic toward her but he is attracted to her as well. I'm sure he talks/txts her but he never tells me about it because its a sore topic since he messed around with her while she was married. I trust him but also don't think he should be alone with her and think he should tell me if he's talking to her. He wants to be free and not be burdened by what I think is inappropriate and he should decide what's inappropriate. Whenever the topic comes up I am made to feel like I am overreacting or that I'm controlling. I told him I would expect that he wouldn't want me to talk to my ex and have a relationship but he makes it seem like it wouldn't bother him if I did so its not a double standard. I need some sane advice on if I'm overreacting or if he is crossing a line in regards to our marriage.

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