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Mylifemychoice`s Argument

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I told her happy birthday and wished her the best of luck in life, then I told her that if my brother ever hurt her feelings, I want her to know that I am beside her and she is always right on everything, then she started saying stuffs accusing me of things I did not do. She said that I used to avoid her and make people hate her, when she doesn't see that everyone around used to love her, and so many guys I wished they would respect me the same way they respect her, but she made me look like I am the bad person. This is why I used to avoid her, and I even reminded her of our cousin that she got closer to him, like she got closer to other guys before him, and I was never perfect to them, but she never saw that, she told my family, especially my brother that I am the blame, and I ended up telling her sorry only because I was defending for myself, she brought back the painful past to my life and I made up a story that because my ex-fiancé reminded me of the past, but it was her, she never appreciated that I lied to so many people in the past and made them believe that she is the one who is 13 years old instead, and I am the one who is 12, but when I found the one guy who loves playing football as a goal keeper, and his name is Omar, just like the name that I love and dreamed, he is 13 and looks like in his 20's, I couldn't stay quiet, I had to speak the truth and say that I am also 13 years old, but then this cousin of mine started shouting at me and calling me a liar, she took everything from me, and she keeps taking, even when I have birth to my daughter and after giving birth in 2013, Omar kept giving me those angry looks, he never cared to even get closer to me, he has this idea about me that I am bad and a big liar, so I made a promise to myself, that even though I had a bad marriage and I am divorced and I have a beautiful strong daughter, if I got a second chance in life, and have a son, I will teach him to see that the one who gets blamed by others is truth

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Case was closed on July 15, 2017 20:55
Tags: Family member, grudge, past, present, and future
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