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Snowfox`s Argument

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I have been with my Boyfriend for 4 years and we have been living together for 3. During this time I have spent a lot of time with his side of family as mine live in Florida.

For the past year they(as in his parents) have decided I am the worst person on this planet and that I am dragging there son down. When All I've done is support him in what he likes and wants to do. Giving him the confidence to be on his own and to do what makes him happy. Which again as made me the bad guy.

I also have a medical condition that makes me pass out a lot and have been told by doctors (his mother was in the room when they told me this and my medical condition told to me) I can not work. They refuse to believe and think I am lying and lazy because I grew up very poor. She finally to my face yelled and threatened me. Calling me the most horrible names. Their friends of the family offering me money to just go away.

I have even with them treating me badly in the past never been rude to them. I am always polite and respectful. Even with this last blow up stood my ground looked her right in the eyes and calmly said. " how you feel is on you, but I am not leaving your son and I am going no where." And my boyfriend stood up for me and we left their house.

So the question I guess I'm trying to answer is am I wrong for standing my ground and being there to support my boyfriend in doing what makes him happy even when it is not what his parents want.

My boyfriend and I both very much love each other and do not want to go anywhere but we both are so tried of this abuse.

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Case was closed on August 23, 2017 14:50
Tags: Mother in law, in laws, am I wrong, standing ground, rude
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