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Troub1edsou1`s Argument
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Ok so odd situation! I was married for 10 yrs, got divorced and i'm not in a relationship with anyone. During the last 5 yrs my ex and I have still been intimate. She has dated and been intimate with 3 other guys during this time period and the whole time leading me to believe we would be getting back together. Foolish me have sat back and gotton tortured for 5 yrs watching her run back and forth to these other guys all while believing we are eventually getting back together (so she says). So just recently I started talking to a girl. I have no intention on dating this girl but my ex came across a text I had sent to this girl and right away got mad and flipped out on me saying that we are completely through, no chance of getting back together, blah, blah, blah. She I was hiding it from her, when she told me that if I was messing with someone else, not to tell her. and therefore I'm the bad guy now? For 5 yrs I've been made to sit in the corner and keep things hush hush so she doesn't get crap from her guy friend (boyfriend) and this whole time im being told that eventually she sees herself coming back to her family but right now she isnt sure what she wants...this is fair to me? It's ok for her to do this to me, but when I talked to a girl, i'm the bad guy? Am I the one that's wrong?

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