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LadiBlakHawk`s Argument
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She is aware that my boyfriend and I live together. She still continues to act flirtatious towards him. I asked my boyfriend to tell her he was in a relationship and he did. However, he remains friends with her although she doesn't seem to acknowledge me as being Dons girlfriend. He has upset with me because I asked him to establish boundaries with her. I explained that it was a matter of respect and it would show me that he cares about me more than just a casual fling. She continued to tell him "i love you" on Facebook. She sends him pictures of naked women. She calls at odd times of the day and night and just recently invited him on a four month cruise. I don't think that is acceptable or respectful. My boyfriend seems to think that is ok and gets very defensive of her when we talk. He told me she and him are friends and if I don't like it too bad!

BoatGuy`s Argument

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I remain friends with my ex since we separated. We have talked regularly for the last seven years. I haven't dated her or slept with her since we broke up. I don't feel there is anything wrong staying in touch with her. As a matter of fact her son and I are very close also. I've given my girlfriend no reason to not trust me. I don't think that she should have the rigbt to tell me I cannot talk to her anymore.

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Case was closed on October 29, 2017 10:40
Tags: Ex-girlfriend, manipulative, struggling with relationship.
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