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Wifey210`s Argument
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My husband is a convicted felon and it’s hard for him to get a job. He can’t seem to keep a job he always complains and then quits and it’s fine bc I want him to be happy but if I complain about work he tells me it’s not that bad and I need to just push through... so I feel the need to do the same. Now he has two job offers one ia the job he just quit and screwed over he lied and got another chance on days making $14 maybe. I got him an interview for another place but it’s a factory and they wanna pay him 11.75 with payed caucus to start and then raises after 90 days. But he doesn’t wanna work in a factory bc he doesn’t like it. It’s not like I live my job! I’m favt I hate it. Every moment is terrible I could walk your any minute and not think twice. But when it comes to him for some reason he gets to be picky and do whatever he wants. He’s mad bc I won’t give my opinion bc when I do he just tells me I wrong. And that’s what he calls a grown up conversation!!! He’s debating working for my parents again and I told I’m I don’t want him to bc he burned bridges with my family when he quit this last time and I don’t want that to happen again. That’s not fair to me. He’s only thinking about the money which really isn’t much more than what he’s gonna make any where else bc we have to pay 4000 minimum into taxes every year which is super stressful. I don’t wanna tell him what to do but I think he’s just being stupid!!!

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