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Best playoff beard ever?
Leftwing7: I like my beards classy, scotty niedermayer's is the best of all time

Case Closed on
August 28, 2007 08:29
Closed Case
Can a Real Man drink White Wine?

Cedar43 Cedar43: Drinking white wine does not make one less of a "true man."

Case Closed on
September 06, 2007 19:03
Closed Case
Names and their meanings
Chigurh Chigurh: Of course names and their meanings makes sense. The whole point of names is to have names and their meanings correlate

Case Closed on
September 15, 2007 06:08
Closed Case
Better Beatles Song
TheDrago: "Norwegian Wood" is one of my favorites

Case Closed on
September 08, 2007 16:47
Closed Case
Circumcision: a farse or a proactive health precaution
Exitheuxa: Why circumcision is a good thing!

Case Closed on
August 07, 2007 17:12
The Wall

The ex
BoatGuy BoatGuy: She doesn't want me to have contact with my ex. She feels iits disrespectful.

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October 29, 2017 04:36
Leftwing7`s Argument

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Being somewhat of a movie enthusiast, I have seen a lot of movies. A lot stand out as terrible, although some terrible movies are fun to watch, if with the right group of people. These two movies are a prime example. However, based on pure content, script, graphics etc. Ghost Rider is the worse than the Core. To start the acting is terrible. The fight scenes don't really make sense and ghost rider defeats all of his enemies in the same awkward ways, he holds them and they melt or die. I was in awe watching just how bad the movie unfolded. The only two things that stopped my head from exploding were 1. seeing eva mendes and 2. seeing the classic mustache of sam elliot (the cowboy stranger from the big lebowski).

Chigurh`s Argument
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In my opinion the core is in the top ten worst movies of all time. It is certainly worse than ghost rider. Lets talk about story lines. Ghost Rider atleast comes from a cool comic book idea. In the core a group of people travel in a super drill machine to the center of the earth in order to restart the earths core, WHAT!? The cast actually has some good actors, although that does not even come close to helping the film. How about dj qualls as the nerdy teenage programmer who can hack anything, awesome right? NO!.. the people who wrote this movie and the director should all be put in a capsule and shot into space.

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Case was closed on August 09, 2007 03:18
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shopgirl   3727 days 12 hours 32 min. ago
these movies are both terrible, but ghost rider is worse
Dagman   3741 days 2 hours 2 min. ago
there is a new movie in town, 23. I say the winner of this takes it on
conspiracy7   3741 days 5 hours 23 min. ago
A flaming skull. . . and the people who made the movie actually thought it looked real. Hard to believe.

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