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Closed Case
The Battle of the Brews

Chigurh Leftwing7: Sam Summer is pure heaven, don't look directly into it you may get lost...

Case Closed on
August 18, 2007 14:35
Closed Case
Does the Stupid Blonde Stereotype Hold True?
Leftwing7: I say it is true, blondes are stupid...

Case Closed on
September 23, 2007 08:10
Closed Case
How many hits does it take to smash a head?

Leftwing7 Exitheuxa: If you get hit with a large rock in the head 4 times, your head will turn to mush.

Case Closed on
August 26, 2007 18:28
Closed Case
Fire: Women First?
Shopgirl Chigurh: if we are all equal men and women should leave a fire at the same time...

Case Closed on
September 08, 2007 13:14
Closed Case
Amy Polumbo pics
Leftwing7 Leftwing7: The Amy Polumbo pics are disgraceful and the judges should have taken away her crown as a result of these Amy Polumbo pics

Case Closed on
September 15, 2007 07:30
The Wall

Leftwing7`s Argument

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David Bekham is a good looking guy, i'll give him that. The majority of guys out there would want to look like him. Still his wacky hairdoos make him look lame at times not to mention the fact that his wife is a stone cold fox. I give the edge to victoria 2 to 1 (despite her possible eating disorder).

Shopgirl`s Argument
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This is not even a fair debate. I will agree that victoria is hot, hell she is a famous celebrity and she is not that talented, therefore her looks had to have been good to get her this far in the business. However, David is the hottest man alive. Not only is he good looking, but he has something extra about him. I would say that it has to be his confidence, I mean look at these photos of him, he is striking. On top of that he is one of the worlds best soccer players and a great dad, how can anyone compete. He even outshines his wife, yes, David is the cuter of the two.

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60% of People thought Leftwing7 was Wrong (15 total votes)
Category Celebrity Pop Culture
Case was closed on October 26, 2007 05:51
Tags: bekham, posh spice, spice girls, soccer
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Chigurh   3548 days 11 hours 8 min. ago
i agree, tough debate, girls are gona go for david, guys for victoria, since im a guy i vote victoria, she is hottt.
conspiracy7   3562 days 2 hours 54 min. ago
tough one, but based on what every girl is telling me it is a no brainer. Sorry leftwing

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