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Tom Cruise
Argue this Case Exitheuxa: I think Tom Cruise is a good actor, but he's clearly a completely insane loser in real life. Can I still like his movies?

Posted to the Wall on
November 19, 2017 19:17
Closed Case
Better drunk Blockhead moment at the Thru Way
Leftwing7: twin lobsters, the chesterfield, by far the best blockhead drunk moment...

Case Closed on
August 15, 2007 22:40
Closed Case
Worst Ending in the History of Film
Tobstar: so so wrong

Case Closed on
November 06, 2007 03:29
Closed Case
Can you stand on an escalator? NO F'IN WAY!!!
Exitheuxa: i am so sick of people standing on escalators. news flash: it's not a ride turd burgler!

Case Closed on
September 23, 2007 07:23
Closed Case
The Yuletide Log

Dagman Leftwing7: the yuletide log refers to the seasonal log of wood in a fire...any desserts, objects or items with the same name simply draw from this...

Case Closed on
January 11, 2008 21:31
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Leftwing7`s Argument
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Many people claim that circumcision is a proactive health precaution and a necessary hygienic procedure. However this is completely false. The idea that men that are uncircumcised are at a higher predisposition for disease such as AIDS and that such men are less hygienic is completely untrue. This procedure is unnecessary and could possibly put the child at a higher risk than if the surgery was not done at all. Circumcision is so prevalent in our society because of social reinforcement. People grow up believing that this is the only "healthy" option when a child is born. However, if people could trust the actual facts they would understand that it is not needed. Read my evidence below to learn about how circumcision go started.

Exitheuxa`s Argument

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This argument really should have no objections for a multitude of reasons. To begin with we all know no one wants to see an ant eater down there. Beyond the obvious look aspects of the debate, circumcision has been proven to lead to a more hygienic body and a lower rate of diseases (such as AIDS and penial cancer). The idea that circumcision is has continued based on social reinforcement is not true. This process continues because advances in medical research and statistics have proven that it is a health conscious measure. The pros far outweigh the cons.
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Category Health & Medicine
Case was closed on August 07, 2007 17:12
Tags: circumcision, infants, health
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DTMaximus   3660 days 7 hours 41 min. ago
There is no better reason for circumcision than BETTER SEX. For both men and women. I've had sex with circumcised and un-circumcised men, and my vote is certainly circumcised. And I've heard it's better for men too.
TheDrago   3772 days 17 hours 52 min. ago
have fun using this little device.....
epicurus   3775 days 2 hours 5 min. ago
i have heard that it is true, do you see that video, makes circumcision sound kind of brutal and unnecessary
gerryc77   3775 days 18 hours 3 min. ago
"...circumcision was introduced to our culture in an attempt to eliminate masturbation...."
-Mothers against circumcision
Is this really true???
TheDrago   3776 days 4 hours 8 min. ago
no one needs an elephant trunk down apologizes to those who do

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