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Closed Case
The Battle of the Brews

Chigurh Leftwing7: Sam Summer is pure heaven, don't look directly into it you may get lost...

Case Closed on
August 18, 2007 14:35
Closed Case
Better Beatles Song
TheDrago: "Norwegian Wood" is one of my favorites

Case Closed on
September 08, 2007 16:47
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Worst Ending in the History of Film
Tobstar: so so wrong

Case Closed on
November 06, 2007 03:29
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Can a Real Man drink White Wine?

Cedar43 Leftwing7: a true man doesn't drink white wine...

Case Closed on
September 06, 2007 19:03
Closed Case
The Rowdy Rhino vs. Hungry Hungry Hippo
Hollywood Hollywood: The Hippo is going down.

Case Closed on
November 16, 2007 19:01
The Wall

Boyfriends parents
    Snowfox: Trying to tell me I need to leave

Time remaining
August 23, 2017 08:49
Leftwing7`s Argument

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When it comes to cracked out celebs I don't think that paula abdul can even come close to matching up with james brown. She is just a rookie while he is the crafty and seasoned veteran. While her drunk/drugged up rant on tv was funny I think that brown well surpasses her with his tv rants and his arrests for beating his wife. James Brown (may he rest in peace) has had an illustrious career of drug and alcohol use as well as a criminal record to back up his title as the most cracked out star around. Paula Abdul has got to get some serious work done in order to catch up to him (although she still may hold the title for craziest nutjob celeb out there-that has yet to be confirmed).

Exitheuxa`s Argument
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Paula Abdul is definitely the winner of this little cracked out contest for a couple of reasons. To start a cracked out women beat a cracked out man any day of the week, not to mention this is James Brown we are talking about. He always looks and sounds cracked out so how can we really tell if he is or if he isnt when he is saying his crazy stuff. On the other hand, you can definitely tell when Paula Abdul is tanked. It is funny at first when watching her drunk and drugged up on tv, but then it turns to pity, embarrassment and shame. These are the tell tale signs of the most cracked out star winner. For James Brown you keep laughin because that is what he is, a crazy star, but with Paula you can see that she really has a problem, she is cracked out and is definitely our winner...

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Category Celebrity Pop Culture
Case was closed on August 18, 2007 14:23
Tags: paula abdul, james brown, father of soul, american idol
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ShadyMcLoven   3664 days 4 hours 31 min. ago
I have to go witht the Marshman on this one. Paula just out there man.
shopgirl   3664 days 5 hours 57 min. ago
that interview with james brown is sooo funny! im out on love
Marshman   3664 days 21 hours 41 min. ago
I'm going to have to go with, Paula. James Brown bursted on the scene young, drunk, and drugged out. Paula on the other hand came out as a good girl and turned nutz! Leftwing7-snipped!
Chigurh   3666 days 57 min. ago
james browns interview definitely puts him in the lead, cracked out idol winner: James Brown

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